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PCV Training

As a PCV [Passenger Carrying Vehicle] driver, you will have the unique opportunity to combine driving with a people-focused profession. A range of vehicles can be considered PCVs – including buses, coaches and minivans.

PCV driving provides an exciting challenge – to pursue a customer-focused, people- career that also places you at the helm of a larger vehicle.

Is it easy to qualify and drive a PCV?
Yes – qualifying as a PCV driver is the right amount of simple and challenging!
Our training courses are always going to be a slight challenge, as our courses will guide you to become a highly employable professional driver.
Fortunately, we have worked hard to design our courses so that learning is simple. You can progress through the course at your pace, using our modern, interactive learning tools to practice. You may not even realise you’re “learning”. We also provide you with one-to-one support whenever you need it.
If you are willing to invest a little time, effort and money into your training, the rewards will be fantastic- and we’ll put as much into your training as you will.
If this career path appeals to you, the best place to start is with your training for a PCV licence.
Types of licences available for you include:
  • PCV D1: for minibus drivers
  • PCV D1 + E: for minibus drivers [with trailer]
  • PCV D: for single or double-decker bus drivers, plus coaches with both automatic and manual transmission

What should you do next?

Our expert team are on hand to help you determine the path that’s right for you. It all depends on how much you want to put into your training balanced with your short-term and long-term career goals as a PCV driver.

Whether you are sure that you want to apply to train for a PCV licence…

Or you aren’t sure what to do next…

Or you are just considering your options…

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Secure Career

Due to the demand, you will be able to work for well known and established companies.

Flexible as you are

You can work nationwide, abroad or locally. Permanent, part time or self-employed, daytime or
at night.

Great earnings

Experienced drivers earn much more than most of the desk jobs and are well-rewarded for their skills.

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HGV LGV Training Courses offers unique professional training to give you best chance for long lasting successful career. Our popular courses are for hgv drivers, lgv drivers, pcv drivers, and many more.

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