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Our CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) training ensures that our trainees keep up-to-date within the field of HGV driving and that they drive legally and professionally.

Top facts about your CPC training:

Your CPC training is crucial to stay in line with EU regulations, which helps to inform your safety and professional conduct

Your CPC training is a legal requirement and your certification must be kept with your HGV license at all time

There are two types of CPC training certificates available to you as a professional driver.

1. The Initial CPC

Who is the Initial CPC for?

If you achieved your car [B] licence in 1997 or after, the Initial CPC is what you need. 

What is involved?

  • Our team can provide you with the finer details of your Initial CPC, but crucially it will involve:
  • The CPC Case Study [“Module 2”] – a short theoretical assessment, designed to assess your knowledge of all things CPC. 

The Practical Demonstration [“Module 4”] – a 30-minute practical test which takes place with a DSA examiner. It consists of a walk-around check thus demonstrating your practical knowledge of all things CPC.

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2. The Periodic CPC

Who is the Periodic CPC for? 

This is classroom-based refresher training – again a legal requirement for all professional drivers.

If you achieved your car [B] licence before 1997, this is the test for you.

What is involved?

The Periodic CPC comprises a range of theoretical subjects – and must be completed every five years, ensuring that you maintain all required skills and knowledge.

You’ll need to:

  • Accumulate all 35 hours of classroom-based CPC training over 5 years.
  • Complete a variety of modules depending on your type of licence
  • Module 1 (licence C & D):   Control of the vehicle and Eco-driving techniques
  • Module 2 (licence C & D):  Minimising risks and managing emergencies in the transport industries
  • Module 3 (licence C & D):  Health and Safety of the professional driver
  • Module 4 (licence C & D):   The role of the professional driver in the transport industries
  • Module 5 (licence C only): The professional truck driver
  • Module 6 (licence D only): The professional bus driver 
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Due to the demand, you will be able to work for well known and established companies.

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You can work nationwide, abroad or locally. Permanent, part time or self-employed, daytime or
at night.

Great earnings

Experienced drivers earn much more than most of the desk jobs and are well-rewarded for their skills.

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