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Learn to be a skilled forklift driver

Although there are no legal requirements to have a forklift licence, allowing inexperienced or untrained staff to operate forklifts can pose a serious risk to safety. Not only that, operators trained...

How to get the most from your HGV Training

Are you thinking that life on the road working as an HGV driver could be for you? If so, well done! You’ve made a good decision. There are many benefits to being an HGV driver – freedom,...

Technology to keep drivers safe

Long distance lorry driving involves many hours on the road, dealing with other traffic, executing challenging manoeuvres and the occasional bit of physical labour. A long day of this kind of work...

The Salary Of HGV Drivers Is Rising.

 The haulage and logistics industry is one of the biggest in the United Kingdom. The service that lorry & HGV drivers deliver is one that is in constant use, need and demand. However, the...

HGV drivers needed for post-Brexit boom

The time when Brexit finally takes place is drawing closer and the country will begin its transition from EU-uncertainty to Global-Britain. In preparation, the UK’s haulage industry should be...

An individual who changed his life with HGV/LGV Training Courses.

  Here at HGV/LGV Training Courses we aim to change people’s lives and help them to get their career as an HGV driver started.  People of all ages, backgrounds, nationalities and...
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HGV LGV Training Courses offers unique professional training to give you best chance for long lasting successful career. Our popular courses are for hgv drivers, lgv drivers, pcv drivers, and many more.

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