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The healthy habits of HGV drivers

One of the many joys of driving a HGV over long distances is the escape it provides from the monotonous routine of the 9-to-5. On the other hand, sometimes it helps to have the enforced discipline of...

Are you the HGV driver of the future?

It’s an exciting time to be part of the road haulage industry. The work of the HGV driver has improved in many ways over the last twenty years – in terms of diversity, safety, comfort,...


HGV drivers are the life force behind the dynamic UK economy. From delivery vans to articulated lorries, they traverse the highways and byways of Britain and beyond, transporting the finished goods...

HGV driving in winter weather

Walking in a winter wonderland is one thing, but driving a 40-tonne truck in dark, wet, freezing conditions is quite a different matter. Winter can be a challenge for HGV drivers, but with the right...

Don’t let your load let you down

Loading and unloading an HGV is a regular part of a driver’s work. It is also something that often gets overlooked in terms of safety. You might be a great driver and you might be driving a...

Which HGV driver training company should I use?

So, you’ve weighed up all the options, seen the large number of HGV driving jobs that are available and the high salaries that are being paid – and you’ve decided that a HGV driving...
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HGV LGV Training Courses offers unique professional training to give you best chance for long lasting successful career. Our popular courses are for hgv drivers, lgv drivers, pcv drivers, and many more.

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