HGV Training & LGV Courses Opportunity

Trained HGV drivers have a promising career and can earn over £ 30 000.

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Secure career

Due to the demand, you will be able to work for well known and established companies.

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Flexible as you are

You can work nationwide, abroad or locally. Permanent, part time or self-employed, daytime or at night.

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Great Earnings

Experienced drivers earn much more than most of the desk jobs and are well-rewarded for their skills.


  • HGV LGV Training Courses Vehicle
  • HGV Lorry Cabs
  • HGV LGV Training Courses Lorry
  • Horse Box Trailer
  • Coach Driver
  • Fork Lift Truck


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Easy Finance Available

We have created tailored financing programs for those who are looking to pursue a career in HGV driving and spread the cost.

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Accredited instructors

Our instructors provide high quality training on a range of driving courses from HGV/LGV to PCV & Horsebox

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nationwide training centres

We have training centres all over the UK to ensure that you don't have to travel far get great quality training.

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Lucrative employment awaits

HGV drivers can expect to earn up to 35,000 and sometimes more for international work.

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Pass protection

We offer pass protection on the full range of courses we provide meaning that in the unlikely event that you fail, you will be coached on how to improve and can re-sit your test.

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Theory Training Materials

We provide you with all of the materials you need to pass your theory test and hazard perception, including our online practice and mock test software.

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    I'm getting my Class 2 and I'd definitely recommend HGV LGV Training Courses to anyone looking to get their HGV licence. Baylee [my account manager] was excellent, she explained everything really well and I know what's going on.

    Colin Webb - Current Student
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    When I first looked at changing my career, I had no idea the opportunities that were available. HGV LGV Training Courses helped me from start to finish . and I couldn.t be happier.

    Kevin Cricton- New HGV Driver

Extra Information

Our experienced training specialists will help you choose the right course for you and explain what you can expect from the training and your new career. The world of HGV training and driving can be confusing at first; our advisers will explain all of the necessary professional qualifications you may need to acquire and ensure that you get qualified for the job you want.

1. Talk to our friendly team and choose a course that suits you.

Our experienced training specialists will help you choose the right course for you and explain what you can expect from the training and your new career

2. Receive your welcome pack and theory training materials.

You.ll receive your starter pack containing all the DVLA forms you may need and your username and password to get your theory revision underway.

3. Pass your theory test and hazard perception with the help of our comprehensive software.

With our software you can get all the practice you need for your test, increasing your chance of passing.

4. Start your practical training.

This can be organised to fit around your current employment and usually takes no longer than a week . depending on your course and location.

5. Get on the road with your new career!

Once you.ve passed your test you can begin your new career in HGV driving.

HGV Driving.

With our easy to follow step-by-stem qualification process its easy to gain your HGV Licence. There are two kinds of HGV licence, the Category C - also known as class 2, and the Catagory C+E - known as Class 1. Holding an HGV licence from us puts you in good stead for applying for a job in haulage. We award reputable highly recognised industry qualifications, valued by employers.

LGV Driving.

No formal qualifications are needed to start your training as an LGV driver, just a good driver's licence. LGV Licenses come in two forms, the Catagory C - allowing you to drive vehicles up to 18 tonnes, and the Catagory C+E - allowing you to drive vehicles up to 42 tonnes. Our friendly staff will hep you to find the best course for you and will explain the baffling world of additional qualifications to help maximise your employability.

CPC Training.

The CPC stands for Certificate of Professional Competence and is a legal requirement to drive professionally in the EU. Depending on when you passed your Category B (car) test you will need either an Initial CPC (passed after 1997) or a Periodic CPC (passed before 1997). Our staff can give you in depth details of what's involved in the CPC but essentially its a qualification showing that you are trained on how to minimise risks associated with the haulage industry both on the road and off.

Horsebox Training.

This can provide a greater degree of flexibility and convenience for you and your horse, and can save you money in the long-term, eliminating the need to hire professional drivers. Our courses are designed to be accessible for everyone . training is practical, relevant and interactive. You won.t need to study textbooks in depth, and the course is entirely focused on the practical purpose of driving horseboxes safely and effectively.

Forklift Training.

Using forklifts commercially can be a big ask for unlicensed professionals, and considering how important these tools are for organisations, you can understand just why there are so many rewarding, professional opportunities available. We also provide you with one-to-one support when and if you need it at any stage of your training.

PCV Training.

As a PCV [Passenger Carrying Vehicle] driver, you will have the unique opportunity to combine driving with a people-focused profession. Our training courses are tailored to help ensure that you come out of the training with all of the know-how and qualifications to ensure you are employable in your desired field.

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